Draft Disability Policy


DRAFT AANZPA Disability Policy for consideration at 2016 AANZPA AGM ….



In the service of inclusion of all members of AANZPA we accommodate those with disability at our annual gatherings, as far as possible in communication with those affected. We anticipate that there will be some limitations in meeting all needs. We undertake to not reduce people with a disability to their specific needs or unnecessarily draw attention to their disability, rather we aspire to relate as one human being with another.


In our conference processes we aim to strengthen sociometry to enhance the possibility of encounter between people. We aim to stay spontaneous in the face of exhaustion and role fatigue.

There is mutual responsibility whereby the expansion of roles and role-reversal is encouraged by all parties

A Disability Liaison Person/s (DLP) is/are appointed by the Executive for the long term. The DLP will keep in touch with the range of people with disabilities; liaise with the conference committee member responsible for implementing this policy. The conference committee member above will ensure limitations of access etc. of the venue are communicated in the conference publicity and will liaise with the venues used by the conference anticipating and progressing negotiations on conference attendees’ behalf.

To maximize full participation of all attendees the conference committee will designate one of their members to work on these matters with their own committee, the venues, with the DLP, with the conference information re the limits of venues.

This policy and guidelines are to be a standing AGM agenda item every Olympic year ( 4 years).