Meet the Conference Committee

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We are working away here in Sydney to create a good Conference!

Key dates for your Calendar: 1st July will be the Call for Presenters and announcement of Pre and Post Conference workshops.  Registration will open on 1st September and Early Bird will close on 1st November

Our news this month is a little about each of us on the Committee- in first name alphabetical order: (aren’t we the cutest!!)

ANNETTE  FISHER: Opening and Closing Ceremonies

Where weAnniere you born:  I was born at Crown Street Women’s Hospital Sydney the year that Sydney harbour was attacked during the second world war

Birthday and star sign:  Libran  – I like justice and balance and aesthetics

 Year that you first had an experience of psychodrama : 1973

What do you do for fun/hobby/leisure: I love my Art Practice, Dragon Boats, Gym, my Electric Bike, movies and hanging out with my children and grandchildren

Family placement: Only child and then two step siblings making me the eldest

Most memorable auxillary role in a psychodrama:  So many

Favourite food: Asian salads

What are you reading at the moment?: Anna Karenina

Pets: Blossom 14 ½   years and Gavin 11 ½ years, 2 gold fish.

BONA  ANNA:  Programme

BonaWhere were you born: Rostrata Maternity Home, Palmerston North, Aotearoa New Zealand

Birthday and star sign:  Classic Sagittarian, born 15 December 1949.

Year that you first had an experience of psychodrama : Psychodrama for Women workshop led by Dale Herron in Christchurch in 1983.

 What do you do for fun/hobby/leisure: Hang out with friends and family, drink wine, go tramping in the bush, watch movies, read books and enjoy life.

Family placement: 3rd sibling down in a family of 7.

 Most memorable auxiliary role in a psychodrama: Skirmishes on the Border Warrior.

Favourite food:  Thai food, pork roast with crackling and apple sauce, and profiteroles.

What are you reading at the moment?:  Light fiction and hoping to read Jonathan Moreno’s new book soon.

Pets: Several gorgeous cats in the past and currently a grandson cocker spaniel called Sebastion.

JENNY  POSTLETHWAITE: Registrar, Website.

JennyWhere were you born:   Newcastle NSW

Birthday and star sign:  5th January, Capricorn

Year that you first had an experience of psychodrama: 2010

What do you do for fun/hobby/leisure:  Reading, movies, daily puzzles in the SMH (Target, Ken Ken, Sudoku, Quick Crossword), drawing, communing with the chooks

Family placement:  Eldest of 2 sisters

Most memorable auxiliary role in a psychodrama: New born baby, in a drama looking at shame. It was deeply moving work and also the first time I truly felt for myself the powerful contribution I could make as an auxiliary.  At the other end of the scale I was once cast as a piece of cat poo. Believe it or not it was a pivotal role in the drama!

Favourite food: The fresh flavours of a good thai salad. Yummmmm

What are you reading at the moment?:   Between the Assassinations (Aravind Adiga) and the new edition of the Training and Standards Manual

Pets:  3 cockatiels – Scooter, Princess Grace and Jack – and 2 chooks – Audrey and Penny

J0 DEWAR: Dinner Dance

JoWhere were you born:  I was born in Darlinghurst in Sydney

Birthday and star sign: Birthday is June 22 I am Gemini I always thought I was Cancerian until I had a chart done many moons ago and was told I made it into Gemini by 4 hours ???  and I have 4 planets in Gemini so pretty well I am Gemini.

Year that you first had an experience of psychodrama: My first experience with psychodrama was a workshop with Francis Batten it was a spontaneity workshop it was the bestest of experiences in fact I loved it.

What do you do for fun/hobby/leisure: Well I play music always have, I drink nice wine I swim, and whatever takes my fancy, I like riding my bike, kissing, and travelling to Ireland 🙂

Family placement: I have an older Sister an older Bro and a younger Sister all very different to me which can only be good have differences.

Most memorable auxiliary role in a psychodrama: cant remember, however it had something to do with a very obstinate Grandmother. I was she

Favourite food: Oh many favs I do like a good Salmon Pattie, 

What are you reading at the moment?:  Nothing at the moment waiting to be inspired

Pets: Had a little dog called Molly but Molly didn’t want to stay home alone while I went out, so she went to a family in the Blue Mountains and she has a Brother called Rusty and she bosses Rusty around and loves the power of it


KathWhere were you born:  Wentworthville (a western suburb of Sydney)

Birthday and star sign: 12 May 1959- Taurus

Year that you first had an experience of psychodrama: 1986 with Bill Spence and Joyce Williams

 What do you do for fun/hobby/leisure: Knit/crochet. Learning to spin lately. Read a lot. Study herbal medicine. Spend time tree watching with my partner. Loving my kids and grandkids and Mum and Da. Travel.

Family placement: Eldest of 6 children

Most memorable auxiliary role in a psychodrama: Many, but fighting in a battle with a sword (and winning) with lots of blood and guts everywhere comes to mind.

Favourite food: Pan fried salmon and salad. Good chai tea (preferably in India). White wine.

What are you reading at the moment?:  “Mysteries of the Dark Moon- the healing power of the dark goddess” by Demetra George and “Sacred House: where women weave words into the earth” by Carolyn Hillyer

Pets: 2 elderly cats: Arabella and Syrene. Multitudes of native birds and animals that my partner manages to attract to our place in the Blue Mountains.

LYNLEY McNAB:  Hosting

LynleyWhere were you born: Hawera, Taranaki, NZ

Birthday and star sign: 17 May, 1961 – Taurus and Chinese Buffalo – yes! Double Bull!

Year that you first had an experience of psychodrama: 1988 in Christchurch

What do you do for fun/hobby/leisure: I read Science Fiction books that are full of physics and philosophy
Family placement:  one younger brother. I am oldest girl in family

Most memorable auxiliary role in a psychodrama:  so many over so long….. Being a participant and auxiliary in a residential group a long time ago run by Paul Baakman up at Hamner Springs. 

Favourite food: Favourite food: really like mangoes, and also anything Japanese, Indian or  Thai…..

What are you reading at the moment?: another William Gibson as usual… Zero History

Pets:  One gorgeous girl pussy cat called Thomas – best cat ever!!!

PENNY BERAN: Host Pre and Post Conference workshops, expert on all things Sydney

PennyWhere were you born:  Sydney

Birthday and star sign: October Libra

Year that you first had an experience of psychodrama:  one-on-one role reversal in an art therapy session (not named as psychodrama), then Sydney conference 2002 pre conf workshop Kate Bradshaw Tauvon “Shame and Pride”

What do you do for fun/hobby/leisure:  theatre, walking with WEA Ramblers, bursts of art workshops in collage, life drawing, paper-making; classical music concerts; adventures around Sydney to galleries, hosting committee  and book group meetings.

Family placement:  One sister. i’m the older

Most memorable auxiliary role in a psychodrama: ocean waves for nearly an hour, slain mother, the rock leant upon

Favourite food: created with attention, presented and served simply with care; trying something new; great dumplings shared pre-theatre last night

What are you reading at the moment?: “Demons” Wayne Macauley; best Australian Essays 2014; “Being Mortal” A.tul Gawanda

Pets:  photos on fridge of the Seeing Eye Dogs whose training I’ve supported for several years (currently Otto)

ROLLO  BROWNE:  Programme

RolloWhere were you born:  Kobe, Japan

Birthday and star sign:  7 April    Aries

Year that you first had an experience of psychodrama:               1989

What do you do for fun/hobby/leisure:  Reading, live music, sailing

Family placement:  Second of four

Most memorable auxiliary role in a psychodrama: Dolphin

Favourite food:   Lamb tagine

What are you reading at the moment?: The Farm by Tom Rob Smith

Pets:    Between poodles

TOM SCHWARZ: Treasurer

TomWhere were you born:  Paris, France

Birthday and star sign:  13th Feb, 47 – Aquarius

Year that you first had an experience of psychodrama:  2009 – Rollo @ the Sydney monthly AFN

What do you do for fun/hobby/leisure:  Dance – Swing/Balboa, Blues and Contact Improv styles – so far.. New collaborative developments to stretch myself – of Adaptive Leadership programs and seeking markets for these Mentoring – of Facilitation colleagues globally Quality time with – my Grand- children

Family placement: Oldest child – of two (have a 7 year younger sister)

Most memorable auxiliary role in a psychodrama: Well – a standout one for me  – as Protagonist – was ‘feeling flat’ –  and being brought to ‘instant’ life by a wickedly mischievous auxiliary who stuck her tongue in my ear – while I was trying to be serious in a confrontation role with another – it literally ‘cracked me’ up – and brought me back to a serious sense of aliveness for the  rest of the drama.

Favourite food: Hot curries, stinking ripe Durian, 90-95% dark chocolate, Teh Alia tea.

What are you reading at the moment?:  At the moment it’s the Yartzeit (Jewish annual remembrance of the passing of one’s parents) of my mother – so I’m (re) reading a photo-album book called ‘Oscar’ – a pictorial collage of all of my fathers descendents done 1x month before his passing… of whom my  mother actually only knew me, my sister, and my oldest son.

Pets: Other people’s dogs – especially Sharmini’s young Anna – who while I stayed there last week  perfected the art of liberal and self-invited washing of any exposed body parts of mine while I was working in her lounge area.. eg elbows,toes, even the odd face-lick when in range…

Warming Up To The 2016 Conference

A large and lively group (rambunctious was one descriptive word used!) of 18 AANZPA NSW/ACT members and friends gathered on February 14th 2015 in Sydney as part of our community warm up to hosting the 2016 AANZPA Conference.

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What a breadth of psychodrama experience there was in the room – ranging from 43 years (Annette Fisher) to 4 years (Jenny Postlethwaite).

Led by Conference Convener, Katherine Howard, and bursting with spontaneity, the gathered group explored possible themes for the conference. More than 40 themes were suggested and voted on. Some of the interesting and curious ones: “BYO Theme”, “Is it OK to want to be God?”, “Take a Leap”, “Sitting in the Fire of Leadership”.

In the end the winner (by a long stretch) was enthusiastically unanimous –

 “The Truth Is In The Relationship”

110323 An Unexpected Perspective

The presence of the spirit of Joyce Williams was strong at the moment of choice- people around the room were heard to mutter “Joyce-isms”: It’s not in the carpet!, You won’t find it in there!, It’s not on the back of your eyelids! Grist for the Mill! There was a sense of some healing of old wounds.

web4   web5

After chats and phone calls and emails and skypes with the new AANZPA President and Executive, our choice of Theme has been confirmed, as has our choice of venue: Sancta Sophia College at Sydney University. For those of you who attended the conference in 2010, you will remember Sancta Sophia as a gracious old building with a lovely central courtyard and good provision for disabled access. Since 2010, a fabulous new building has been built giving us ensuite accommodation, gorgeous communal areas (including a rooftop patio) and ramp and elevator access.

Finally: expanding on, and one of the sources of inspiration for our theme: here is a quote from Zerka Moreno (in The Quintessential Zerka p.43)

“……..Moreno’s vision was so comprehensive. With him one worked all the time because life was constantly presenting itself to us. Everything was about relationships- ours to each other, extending to our near and far social atoms.”


We look forward to seeing you in Sydney for the 2016 AANZPA Conference.

Warm wishes from the 2016 AANZPA Conference Committee: Katherine Howard, Tom Schwarz, Jenny Postlethwaite, Lynley McNab, Penny Beran, Jo Dewar, Bona Anna, Rollo Browne, Annette Fisher.

Sydney 2016

You are warmly invited to attend the 2016 AANZPA Conference in Sydney, Australia…..

  • Conference Dates: 20-24 January
  • Pre Conference Workshops: 19 – 20 January
  • Post Conference Workshops: 25 – 26 January