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From Katherine:  “The Truth is in the Relationship”   I remember that my choice before and at the Community Gathering  in March 2015 was “It’s all about relationships”.  And then Joyce Williams’ voice and spirit seemed to enter the room. 

Joyce’s is a spirit not without controversy and difficult memories here in Sydney.  She was a wonderful Psychodrama Director.  The unanimous choice of the conference theme was a healing moment for me, and I think for us as a community.

I remember times when Joyce would speak (or shout) to a protagonist who appeared to be searching inside their own head for answers (you can tell when someone’s eyes roll back, can’t you?)-  or the seemingly hours of staring into the lovely Persian carpet she had on the floor for our training groups. The abrupt instruction (encouragement is too soft a word) to bring your attention back to the eyes/the face/ the being of the person/auxillary standing before you. Because the truth is not behind your eyes, at the back of your head/in the carpet/or in the sky. The truth is in the relationship- the co-creation of that living entity that is somewhere alive between the 2 of us.

I remember a group long ago when Max had every person in the room come up to me and gaze into my eyes.  Every person.  It was excruciating, but at the same time incredibly joyful. I have rarely felt so vulnerable, so seen, so loved and loving.  The window to our souls.   Both of us.  There is truth between us.

When I decided to re-enter a relationship with my current partner, I promised this- that as far as I possibly could, and when I could, I would continue to put my truth out, into that space between us- and that forms the commitment that we both have to the relationship.  Not perfect- because I do quite like to roll my eyes back to look at the inside back of my skull. But I want to stay in this relationship. So I remember Joyce’s words. And make a choice to roll my eyes back to look at him and express what is in me.

The Truth is in the Relationship.


110323 An Unexpected PerspectiveRecently, I put out a request for some people to write a response to the conference theme. What follows are the juicy, thought provoking responses. 

My hope is that you will read these and warm up further to the conference……..

To creating a workshop proposal

To coming along and being in relationship with us.

The responses below are given in the order in which I received the thought…………………….

From Jenny Postlethwaite: The truth is in the relationship ……. Early on in my involvement with psychodrama I witnessed Max Clayton directing two folks in an intense encounter, as they stand face to face a few feet from one another. Max instructs an auxiliary to take up the role of what is flowing between them and the auxiliary moves a few feet off to one side, forming a sculpture. Max starts yelling “What are you doing? It doesn’t happen over there! The relationship is here, right here, flowing between the two of them. There is Freddy, Mary and THEIR RELATIONSHIP. It has a quality of its own.” I got it!

From Jo Dewar: My thoughts and feelings are open and ready to encounter the possibilities and creativity within the relationship.  The role of the conference connector is there for me to nurture and develop in the moment . I am so excited about relationships. I am still learning (and it still excites me) to keep a light shining in me for the possibilities that are there for me and the other person in a moment to moment encounter. I am really excited about seeing everyone at the conference. My dance card is ready 🙂

From Martin Putt:  i warm up to relationships as two way traffic   and  a space we inhabit .    Winnicott called it the ‘playspace’

From Claire GuyMaintaining I’m Ok -You’re Ok in multiple role relationships

From Liz Marks:  I warm up to  Relationships  Embodied   and,  Our bodies speak the truth of the relationship.

From Helen Phelan:  My thought:    You, me and the in-between

From Cher Williscroft:  I warm up to Having truthful relationships – I may offer workshop on Constructive Courageous Conversations

From Bona Anna:  The relational approach challenges me to first and foremost stay alive to myself, the ways I respond to others and the roles I warm up to, so I can come to better insights regarding my relationships with others, and act on them. Must say it keeps me on my toes……..

From Penny Beran:          Between us  

Your eyes, my eyes      

sometimes it hurts       



call for presAND………………Here is the Reminder for Workshop Proposals:

We invite you to peruse the Invitation, warm up to your workshop, fill out the proposal form and email the proposal form to . It is as easy as clicking on this link:

Proposals will be accepted by our program committee, Rollo Browne and Bona Anna, until 31st August 2015.

Yours in anticipation: Katherine, Tom, Jenny, Lynley, Rollo, Bona, Jo, Annette and Penny.