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Getting About By Public Transport

Sydney has an extensive public transport system incorporating trains, buses and ferries. And Transport NSW provides a very useful “Plan Your Trip” website to help you get around. When using this facility to plan your travel to or from the conference venue, please note that it is located in Missenden Road Camperdown, just near the intersection with Parramatta Road.

Trip Planner

Trip Planner


Which Ticket Do I Need?


For further information about public transport, including service status, fares, system maps etc go to or call 131500 (in Australia). The team there is responsive and helpful for routes, timetables and fares.






Getting About By Taxi

There are a range of vehicles and taxi services to choose from. Whether you are seeking a regular cab, a premium service or a maxi cab for group travel or for passengers in wheelchairs, NSW cabs cater for your needs.

The NSW Taxi Council website provides links to all the major taxi companies, as well as information about fares and special services. This site also provides links to apps which you can download to your smartphone to streamline taxi ordering.


Taxi Phone Numbers


Penny's Transport Tips


The Transport Ticket Story

  • You can use Opal cards on train, bus, ferry and light rail
  • Full fare (Adult Black) OPAL cards can be bought at the newsagent at the airport; make sure you put enough on it to cover airport access fee (see below)
  • OPAL Gold cards for Seniors are not available from a shop. These are ordered by online request. Australian residents who qualify might get this set up well in advance so you have the card for ongoing use if you visit NSW frequently
  • OPAL cards can be topped up at many retail outlets – though very few train stations have a top up kiosk!
  • Day travel tickets
    • For senior/pensioner $2.50 (except when you buy your arrival ticket at airport if you are using the train – see below)
    • Full fare Day Tickets are only worth it if you are using a lot of public transport on one day.
  • Individual Trips
    • Full fare tickets for individual trips –from many bus stops you can only use Pre-Paid tickets i.e. no cash payment. Buy tickets at Newsagents, convenience stores.
    • Train tickets can be bought at train stations at ticket  kiosks or ticket windows when open.

Penny's Transport Tips


From The Airport

  • Taxi – could be $40 plus, if you arrive in peak times (7.30am to 9.30am, 4pm to 7pm). Though it will be holiday time so perhaps not so extreme. Check via the  NSW Taxi Council website for an estimate of the fare.
  • Train from International and Domestic to Central
    • There are timetable screens close to the access points to trains. They show about the next 10 departures. They are frequent so you are unlikely to wait more than 10-15 mins.
    • Tickets for the day of travel can be purchased at ticket office at train entry
    • Note : there is an additional “access airport” fee for this train service of about  $11 Seniors, $14 full fare; payable BOTH ways (i.e. when you return to the airport by train as well)
    • If you can manage some stairs and a 5-7 minute walk with your luggage, get on the train towards the rear. If not, get on towards the front. The lifts at Central are near the front of the train from the airport but the pedestrian access to Railway Square buses is near the rear of the train. So if you have heavy, big luggage and/or stairs are not suitable for you to go down, then a taxi from Central will be easier.
    • At Central, exit to Broadway Railway Square (there are several exits so look for the signs, there’s a long pedestrian tunnel to get to Broadway buses). Catch the bus along Broadway towards Missenden Road stop. Bus numbers red M10, 412,413,422,423,426, 428,435, 436, 437,438, 440, 461,480, 483. Alight at Missenden Rd corner stop next to a BP service station , turn left up Missenden Rd and walk up a and short slight incline to Sancta College.
    • Bus from airport (for the adventurous, with time and light luggage; cheapest since no airport train access fee; not much signage to get you to bus stop for route 400 towards Bondi Junction; you can ask to be let off near Mascot Train Station (just before or after bus turns into Coward Street) from which you can get train to Central for normal train fare then bus along Parramatta Rd to Missenden Rd)
  • If coming from the Airport via public transport we suggest you use the Transport NSW Plan Your Trip facility to get current details of routes and service timing.

Penny's Transport Tips

Parking At Sancta

  • We do not anticipate having any onsite parking access and nearby street parking is very limited.