Warming Up To The 2016 Conference

A large and lively group (rambunctious was one descriptive word used!) of 18 AANZPA NSW/ACT members and friends gathered on February 14th 2015 in Sydney as part of our community warm up to hosting the 2016 AANZPA Conference.

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What a breadth of psychodrama experience there was in the room – ranging from 43 years (Annette Fisher) to 4 years (Jenny Postlethwaite).

Led by Conference Convener, Katherine Howard, and bursting with spontaneity, the gathered group explored possible themes for the conference. More than 40 themes were suggested and voted on. Some of the interesting and curious ones: “BYO Theme”, “Is it OK to want to be God?”, “Take a Leap”, “Sitting in the Fire of Leadership”.

In the end the winner (by a long stretch) was enthusiastically unanimous –

 “The Truth Is In The Relationship”

110323 An Unexpected Perspective

The presence of the spirit of Joyce Williams was strong at the moment of choice- people around the room were heard to mutter “Joyce-isms”: It’s not in the carpet!, You won’t find it in there!, It’s not on the back of your eyelids! Grist for the Mill! There was a sense of some healing of old wounds.

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After chats and phone calls and emails and skypes with the new AANZPA President and Executive, our choice of Theme has been confirmed, as has our choice of venue: Sancta Sophia College at Sydney University. For those of you who attended the conference in 2010, you will remember Sancta Sophia as a gracious old building with a lovely central courtyard and good provision for disabled access. Since 2010, a fabulous new building has been built giving us ensuite accommodation, gorgeous communal areas (including a rooftop patio) and ramp and elevator access.

Finally: expanding on, and one of the sources of inspiration for our theme: here is a quote from Zerka Moreno (in The Quintessential Zerka p.43)

“……..Moreno’s vision was so comprehensive. With him one worked all the time because life was constantly presenting itself to us. Everything was about relationships- ours to each other, extending to our near and far social atoms.”


We look forward to seeing you in Sydney for the 2016 AANZPA Conference.

Warm wishes from the 2016 AANZPA Conference Committee: Katherine Howard, Tom Schwarz, Jenny Postlethwaite, Lynley McNab, Penny Beran, Jo Dewar, Bona Anna, Rollo Browne, Annette Fisher.