Pre-Conference Workshop : The Things That Glow with Dr Antony Williams

glow1Using a variety of frameworks, and moving between pairs and the large group, participants will recall times when happiness tapped them on the shoulder. We’ll uncover grand and humble life events that have made us – to our surprise, perhaps – feel joyful and alive. The time for all of them is past, but we can enact them psychodramatically in a series of short vignettes, and lay out the welcome mat should they come again. You never know, we may even be able to discern certain threads between these times of happiness or contentment, which will help us be on the lookout for them in the future. We’ll spend some time preparing and delivering a post-session ritual for a protagonist in one of these vignettes.

Your Workshop Leader : Dr Antony Williams

antony-williams-phdDr Antony Williams is a TEP and Distinguished Member of AANZPA. He has written several books on using action methods in family therapy, in groups and in supervision. He lives amid family and renovations in Melbourne. His current practice is almost entirely with organisations.




  • Tuesday January 19 – 9am to 5pm
  • Wednesday January 20 – 9am to 4pm

Maximum Number of Participants:   20